Sunday, September 25, 2011

New work!

It has been far too long since I last posted here!  I have been working on some commissions and some works for up coming shows!  The Wells Gallery in Charleston, SC is hosting an invitational group exhibit titled, "Metaphoric", Art Inspired by Literature.  It was an interesting concept and I had a ton of ideas, but really wanted to stick with painting the glass jars so came up with work that fit with it. The show will open Friday, Nov. 4.  I will be sending these two paintings:

Half Full
36" x 60"
Oil on Canvas

Time In a Bottle
16" x 20"
oil on board


MrCachet said...

I've not seen many of the square Ball jars, and this one is especially appealing, at least to me. I like the lighting you've chosen. I'm about to start an old whiskey bottle that I've placed a proper label on and had to buy a bottle of whiskey to make it look right! I don't think I'd get an alarm clock in a bottle, however!

Alvin R. said...

Beautiful artwork as always. The lighting and color of the fluid inside the Ball Mason Jar are exceptionnally striking!

Sally Tharp said...

MrCachet.. I had a hard time finding a jar large enough to fit the clock.. but I have had the clock sitting around for years and really wanted to make it work! Hope the whiskey painting is going well!
Alvin, Thank you! I am enjoying painting the jars with things in them lately.. a different way to think about them!