Friday, March 30, 2012

To Charleston!

These are some paintings I am planning to take to The Wells Gallery Charleston next week.  Roman Window' is my first painting from our trip to Rome earlier this month.  :)  Have a great weekend!

Steaming Up!
60" x 36"

Roman Window
36" x 48"
48" x 36"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recent Paintings

I took over 1200 photos during our week in Rome!  Some were tourist shots, some were goofy photos of me and Cat, but most were reference photos for future paintings.. oh my!  The only trouble with that is that I already had thousands of reference photos!  If I never took another photo.. (not likely) I 'd have more than enough with which to work for the rest of my life.. and I can't wait to do them all!   So yesterday I started a painting from Rome, but am posting a few recent works from a trip to New York City in late October. 

Rainy Day Red Light 36" x 60"

Taxi!  16" x 20"

The Morning After the Storm Before 48" x 60"

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rome, The Hilton, and more

Last week I returned from an amazing trip to Rome, Italy, and am now trying to catching up on things... like blogging!  My oldest daughter gifted me with the trip for Christmas and she and I had the best time!  We walked a marathon and saw SO much art and history and ate SO much good food!  A bit surreal!!  This week has been back to reality in Ohio, but with temperatures in the mid 70's in March, it is a bit surreal here as well!  I will take it!  I am finishing up a commission for the Hilton Hotel in Columbus.. I was so thrilled to have been chosen to participate in this project!  I have also been busy on some new work to take to The Wells Gallery in Charleston the first week in April!  I will be part of a three person show there with two artists whose work I very much admire- Mark Bailey and Curt Butler

The Game (Hilton commission)

Cherry Coke

More Than Half Full