Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching up.. Jadite 2 and The Rebel

I was in Vegas last week with my husband for a business trip.. and this week am getting ready and decorating for Halloween but wanted to post a couple of paintings that I have recently completed.. I really loved painting the jadite bowls.. but am taking a break from them and have started two smaller mason jar paintings that I hope to have done by the end of the week!  And... speaking of Jadite bowls.. I am so happy to hear from the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento that one of my paintings (That's Life) in the still life show there has sold.  Thanks to Elliott, Michelle, and Cynthia for the beautiful show you have put together!  Please take a minute to follow the link.. there are some amazing artists and wonderful works in the show!

Jadite 2 48" x 60"

The Rebel 48" x 48"

Friday, October 1, 2010

Two Openings at once!

"White rabbit, white rabbit"!  My mom has always said that first thing on the first day of every month for luck.. and today there are two events upon which I'd like to bestow that luck!  The first is the opening of the Invitational Still Life Group Show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, CA.  There are some wonderful artists in the group and I am honored to have been invited to participate!   Below are my contributions to the show...

That's Life 48" x 48"

Red Marble 24" x 24"

And the second event is the opening of the new gallery in Columbus, The Brandt Roberts Gallery.  I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with them!  Good luck to both galleries!
Have a great weekend!