Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coca Cola!

I have been busy painting Coca Cola themed work for an upcoming show in Atlanta, Georgia.  Coca Cola is based there and the Mason Murer Fine Art is hosting an event for them.  I had a couple of old Coke bottles that were resurrected from the dump in the ravine, and a glass with the raised letters that my mom was kind enough to snag for me at the Goodwill!  These are the four paintings I will be shipping next week.


Day Dreaming
36" x 60"

Fill 'er Up
36" x 60"

Clouds in My Eyes
48" x 24"

Blue Skies and Coca Cola
48" x 24"


Helen Read said...

Such great outcomes with the same theme. Love what you've been able to do!

Sharlette White said...

I love your work!

My daughter has a DIYer/interior designer that posted a project on her web site today that shows how you can color glass to any color of your choosing. I thought about you when I saw that post. She was using Mason jars. I wanted to post on there that YOU literally could make them any color she wanted and it was guaranteed not to fade! But then I would have had to give your secret away!

kelijeandesign said...

How did the ATL show go?

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks Helen and Sharlette! @ Keli, The show doesnt open until September 16, with the Coca Cole event in October.. I will let you know how it goes.. fingers crossed!

smartsiartsi said...

Love the new Coke Paintings!! Should be a Giant Hit in Atlanta!!!