Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Commissions and the Canning Series!

I have been painting Mason and Ball canning jars mostly empty, and showing the transparency and distortions of the old glass so I was a little scared when a commission came in to paint one full of something-  I was asked to paint stewed tomatoes...   But that commission has led to me to think more about their original purpose of storing food through the winter.  So I have have been working on a series of the jars full of, or containing the things for which they were created!  It has been great fun to research all the things that people used to can.  I remember my parents putting up pickles and tomatoes every year but it seems that it is possible to can just about any fruit or veggie there is!  And over the next few months I will be working with these as my subject matter!  I will be debuting the series at Mason Murer Fine Art in Atlanta in February!

Stewed Tomatoes
48" x 60"
oil on canvas


nancy said...

i've seen this painting in person, and this photo doesn't come close to doing it justice! one of my faves!!!!!!!!

Sally Tharp said...

Haha.. Thanks Nancy!! Sometimes a 4 ft by 5 ft painting doesnt translate well at 3 inches by 4 inches.. also.. I'm not the greatest photographer.. I'll work on it! :)