Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strong Shoulder Painting

Last night I finished this painting that I had started before Christmas. It was kind of hard to start back at it after such a long time away from it. I like to work on paintings non-stop until they are done... maybe an afternoon off to run errands or a day off to do something, but not a whole month!! I ended up basically painting it all over again.. which was okay!

I have been playing with cropping the images really tight, making the painting almost abstract, but with elements of realism. I have a few more of these I'd like to do, but I also have an idea (and some images ready to go) for a new series! Argh, so such to paint and never enough time. I still haven't cleaned the house nor taken down the Christmas decorations... Oh well.. painting today! :)

Strong Shoulder
48" x 60"


Lauren Maurer said...

I love this.

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks Lauren!

Dean H. said...

Many great things happening in this one, Sally! I envy how you can work so large and produce so much...and your high level of quality!