Friday, January 15, 2010

New Series, On the Shelf, painting, "Feeling Caged in and Left Out"

I started a new series this week that I have had in mind for a while.. I titled it, On the Shelf. It is about the multiple items available at thrift stores and auctions. I have gone to auctions and antique and thrift stores forever and I love them. But in the last few years I have been amazed that often people didn't have just one or two of any item, but several... or boxes full... or shelves full! So much excess and often obsolete stuff!! What will become of it all? So last month I dragged my husband to one of my favorite stores and took hundreds of pictures of these treasures. He was just glad I didn't buy anything, as I certainly have plenty of my own "treasures"!
My first painting is titled, 'Feeling Caged In and Left Out'.

36" x 60"


Sheila said...

Wow! What an awesome concept for a series [ I love thrift stores and rummage sales too] and what a wonderful debut for this series! Love the repetitive curves in this.

Kaylyn said...

You're always one step ahead of me! I've been planning a trip to several local antique haunts with the same idea in mind! It's not the subject matter, but what you bring to it. You bring a lot.

Side note, a friend of mine bought an old grungy fan at a yard sale. Did nothing to it, but it on ebay and it sold for $2500! Turned out it was a very rare, very early fan.

Angela Elledge said...

Love the new series and your beautiful painting. Treasures can be found anywhere, and boy do I have a few special places, as well. I had to laugh when you said your husband was relieved you didn't buy husband's sentiments exactly!

smartsiartsi said...

I am a "fan" of the new old, dusty thrift store-type fan!! It's such a departure from you shiny, transparent it.

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks so much, Sheila!! Kaylyn, too bad, for once, I didn't buy anything!! My luck though.. it would be worth just what I paid for it!! Besides.. I probably wouldn't have gotten around to selling it anyway...
Angela... I think you and I would be trouble together!! :) It's a good thing we live 10 states away!! :) I'd still like to see your bottle trees!!
Mary, Thanks for all your support!! You are an awesome friend!!