Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Up Front and Slightly Off Center painting

I promised my friend, Vicki, that I would post this painting I had been working on. I titled it, "Up Front and Slightly Off-Center". I'm still not sure it's done. I will have to live with it for a while. I'm quite intrigued by things that are out of focus.. my husband thinks I'm crazy... and it's probably from never wearing the glasses I finally succumbed to getting this year... but they have such a softness and are far more difficult to paint than I could have imagined.. and yet... I'm very anxious to paint more!

36" x 48"


Lori said...

Ok - there is nothing off center or even remotely out of focus (though my glasses might be!) - however I agree with your husband - you are a "little" crazy - I want to watch you do this sometime - I promise I won't make a sound - you might inspire a total unartistic person like me - who knows?!

Laura said...

The contrast between the sharp foreground and blurred background is nice. Can't wait to see your show!

Sally Tharp said...

Hahaha.. Lori..The jar in back is out of focus and the one in front is off center..see? and you might need to drink if you tried to watch me paint.. I go from intense painting to intense ADD.. bounce around the house like a ping pong ball... in a matter of seconds.. but you are more than welcome.. anytime! :)
Laura, Thanks! Hope you are well! If you come to the show please drive carefully!!