Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay... true confessions.. in addition to my "treasures" , I also have my rocks. I love my rocks! I have piles outside around the house of rocks I found that I like... and a few piles inside the house as well.... yes, my husband deserves sainthood! So here are three of my favorite rocks.. the one on the left I like because it looks like a potato... the other two because they are so round and well... just because I do! :)

This painting took a long time because I had forgotten how to stretch and prime a canvas! I found these stretcher strips and canvas.. (I believe left over from Cat's pre-college program at MICA two years ago) and thought, "I remember how to do this". Yeah. I didn't prime it well enough and it ate up tons of paint... I really like buying them pre-stretched and pre-primed... is that bad?? :/ Oh well.. 52" x 54" titled 'Trinity'


Annalisa said...

Neat rocks! I can see why you're so fond of them. I really like using pre-stretched and pre-primed canvas, but I always feel this vague sense of guilt about it. I'm not sure why. I don't truly believe that one is more authentically an artist if one builds the canvas by hand, but I think that's the message I've been getting from others. I wonder why this is.

jennifer woodburn said...

I really like this painting. You completely capture the weight of the rocks. It makes me want to reach out and hold one in my hand. Great composition!

Sally Tharp said...

Thank you both! I really liked painting the rocks and would like to do more. I find myself wanting to paint bigger and bigger too, so soon I may be painting boulders!!