Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I saw this jar sitting on the counter the other day after the kids left for school. My son had eaten his breakfast cereal out of it... a few pieces were stuck to the inside of the jar.... I loved the way it looked.... so I painted it!!


Robin Roberts said...

WOW, 36" x 48"? I don't think I even own enough paint to cover a painting that big. What did you paint on, plywood?

Great painting though. Lets guess what kind of cereal it was. Wheaties?

Sally Tharp said...

Robin, I'll bet you have enough paint.. it goes further than you'd think!... It's painted on canvas.. I think I got them at Pat Catans in Wooster.. or I ordered them from Dickblick.. anyway.. thanks.. and yeah.. we'll go with Wheaties!! Hahaha... what he SHOULD be eating!!!

Dean H. said...

I'll vote for Coco Puffs! Lol
This painting is gorgeous, Sally! And your paintings are so large...makes me feel like a piker with my dinky 5x7's.
Pat Catan's is a great place for reasonably priced canvas. Now I get most all my supplies from Blick...small world, huh?

Sally Tharp said...

Ding ding ding!!! Dean, you win the prize!! It was that nasty chocolatey junk!! Thanks for the compliment! Painting large is the same as painting smaller.. I just use bigger brushes. :) It's nice to have a Pat Catans close by.. (Wooster)... also nice to be able to order and have it delivered from Blick!! I like to go for the free shipping!!

smartsiartsi said...

This is my favorite...thanks for showing me your site...you made the right choice going full-time!! You sure have been busy...I love hearing your thought process.I can't wait to see what's next!