Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art Blog Award

I received an AWARD from fellow artist, Ohioan, and friend , Dean. Please check his blog and see his wonderful paintings. According to the rules, I am to post 7 things I love and pass it to 7 friends...
1. I love my family! They are always a source of joy, comfort, companionship, amazement and often entertainment!! :)
2. I love to paint.. I have always love to create, but have only recently found an unending passion and borderline addiction to oil paint!
3. I love to read these things and find out more about the people I care about, but am loathe to actually do it myself..
4. I love junk... the old, weathered stuff that most people would walk past, or, gasp!, throw away!
5. I love living in the country.. we have an abundance of wildlife and beauty in our yard and for me it's like being close to God out here...
6. I love going to New York to visit my daughter.... and I love when she comes home too..
7. I love seeing other peoples art and ideas on their blogs! I find myself constantly amazed by how many talented, gifted artists there are and am always inspired to do better!
Here are the seven artists I am tagging... I will look forward to learning more about each of you!!
2. Kate


Marilyn M. King said...


Your work is wonderful and I've enjoyed looking through your posts.
I noticed that your blog is rather new, but I can certainly tell that you have been painting for many years. Your skill and great eye for composition and color comes only with much work and dedication. I'll look forward to following your future posts and DSFDF challenges.

Sally Tharp said...

Thank you Marilyn! I've haven't been painting too long, but I really have been working hard! I really appreciate your kind comments!!