Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow... Sorry to have been gone so long! I have been working on a new large piece that has taken so much longer than I thought. I really struggled to be loose and got a little tight on it in the middle of painting but felt the turn come this week! Phew! I may have a few tweaks this week after I live with it for a few days.. but this is it for now! Back to painting glass!!

Croquet 36" x 60"


Frank P. Ordaz said...

I like it!

Gilberto said...

Hey Sally I was ready to complaining. That was last week, happy for you at that time I was taken care of a nasty flu. I se you are going in to balls. Nice. Sorry I can no play Cricket all do, they are done so well that I ca se them rolling in the grass.

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks Frank! I appreciate the encouragement!! BTW... You portraits are BEAUTIFUL!! What a lucky family!!
Gilberto.. Thanks!! I hope you are feeling better!! I don't know how to play cricket.. and I'm not very good at croquet but I appreciate you checking in on me!