Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Generations of Coke

I went back to glass this week, which somehow I find much easier to paint on a large scale than solid objects.... I felt like my last painting was so tight and heavy...
Anyway.. several months ago I went to a local auction that had all kinds of old glass bottles.. and I bought a few old wooden cases of them... these three were among them.. three versions of the Coke/ Coca Cola logo..
I titled it, "Three Generations"
36" x 60"


L.Holm said...

Wonderful! Love your glass, and this trio is exceptional. Nostalgic and current all at once. Love the close cropped view.

smartsiartsi said...

Loving that you're revisiting the glass. Your titles are always so witty and tongue in cheek humor!I was wondering whe you were going to post something new...ha! me who takes 6 months to paint something new!!! I missed your blog. Glad you're back!
BTW...the croquet balls should feel heavy...well done!

billspaintingmn said...

I used to collect these bottles! I
still have a few, but I stoped collecting everything,(sort of)
Anyway.. How you paint glass is pretty darn good! I've taken some time and went through your blog, very impressive art!

Gilberto said...

I am in Hit and run situation. In May I have a 15 paintings Show, no problem, I can use my slipping stock, resourceful guy!!!
In May against to, I have a juried show Expressions 2010 run by the Quinte Arts Council.
In June, J. Parrot Gallery of the public library of Bellville, also Juried, theme "Music as a muse" confuse should I buy Guitar or paint an easel?
September. Art Bellville Association finis the season whit a juried show and theme also no idea now. As you se my dear friends I hang my palette or retreat in to the woods, no Phone, no TV, no blog, no friends and became immortal against my will.
I have decided to play the in vet wing thing , buy a set of very big brushes and see what I can do, as an add on, snitch for a little wile an see where you guys are and eat my nails.