Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Facing Fifty

On Friday of this week, I turn 50 years old!.  I don't feel "50".. not even sure what that is supposed to feel like.  Most days I don't think about it, and when I do, I feel like the same awkward, outsider girl I was in high school and I certainly don't feel like a "grown up" even though I have lived this long and have raised children to adulthood.  So to record this milestone in my life, I painted a self portrait.  I wanted it to be a little naked and raw.  No makeup, no hair style, no jewelry, with the scars and wrinkles I've earned along the way.  Just me, reflecting on getting to this point in my life.
Facing Fifty oil on canvas 20" x 30"


Cat said...

Love it and love you! 50 shmifty, you're as beautiful as ever.

Sally Tharp said...

Haha.. thanks! Love you too darlin!!