Monday, August 30, 2010

"That's Life!" new bowl of cherries painting

Now that the kids are back in school things are starting to settling into routine, albeit with all three in fall sports, a slightly hectic one. I was able to finish a new painting and have started on another along the same lines. A few weeks ago cherries came into season, and I bought them several times , each time thinking that I love the color and feeling like I wanted to paint them, but I have seen them painted so much and by very talented artists that I worried about duplicating or falling short of their talent. I tried to come up with a way to make them my own, so I put them into one of my jadite bowls and blew the whole thing up to 48" x 48". Titled, "That's Life", this painting is headed to the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, CA.


smartsiartsi said...

I love this new Bowl of Cherries painting! When you combine your Great Technique and Composition with your Delicious's Perfection!!!

Dean H. said...

Wonderfully done, Sally!
Love all the color variations in the bowl plus the reflections.