Monday, April 12, 2010

Butler Mid-Year Show- The Good Shoes

I'm excited to say that I have had a painting accepted into the Butler Institute of American Art Mid-year show!

The piece is called "The Good Shoes" and I painted it after watching a documentary on the Titanic and other ship wrecks... long after the bodies and bones are gone, the shoes remain exactly where they were, almost as a grave marker. That really hit a chord with me and I painted this the next day..

"The Good Shoes"
24" x 48"


Kaylyn said...

For such a simple composition and subject matter, there's a lot to think about here. The sea bed markers is a haunting idea, as is the implication of our shoes defining us. And then there is the position, which implies a man and a woman standing and talking...the distance and attitude of the shoes tell a story.

Congratulations on the show!

Dean H. said...

Love this painting plus the idea behind it as well!
I haven't been here in a while. I' amazed by all the mind blowing work you do!! Wow!

smartsiartsi said...

Congratulations Sally!! I'm so happy that your work is REALLY GETTING NOTICED...I'm not at all surprised, though! Keep painting from your heart!