Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wow.. It's been too long since I last posted... and so much has happened! I was accepted into a gallery in the Short North area of Columbus OH. My work will now be shown at the Kathryn Gallery and I am thrilled! It is a beautiful space and the people there are wonderful! AND they called to say they have already sold a piece!! Yay!

I also had a painting accepted into the All Ohio show at the Ohio State -Mansfield campus that won the students choice award. Thank you to all who voted for my painting!! :)

It was spring break this week, so my friend Carmone, who is the high school art teacher, and I did some collograph printing... very fun! I will post the prints later this week.

But the very best part of the week was a quick trip to NYC to visit our oldest daughter! She is attending the School of Visual Arts and it's always wonderful to visit!

So now... it's back to work!! I finished this painting that I had started before I left for NY... I plan to enter it in the Mansfield Art Center May show... I'll let you know if it gets in..

48" x 48"


Sheila said...

Wow!!!! Congratulations re: the Galleries! Such a ray of hope for news artists like me.

I'm looking forward to seeing your colorgraphs.... I had no idea what they were. I LOVE this painting. It is an affirmation why great artists will continue to be accepted into galleries even in these trying times.

Glad your back posting!

Avocaken said...

Hooray for you!!! Woohoo! Congratulations on being shown at the gallery in Columbus. I'm curious, which piece sold? I'll guess "Good Morning"! :-)

Good luck in the Mansfield May show with Coke2. I don't know why, but now I want a Coke . . . . .

Ken B.

Jean Spitzer said...

Congratulations on the galleries. Also, Coke2 is a beautiful painting. I have a question about working at this size, which seems huge to me. Are you painting on an easel?

Deborah Ross said...

Wow. This is nice! You really broke the color down so that it all flows together. What a huge size.
Congrats on getting in the gallery. It is affirming knowing that there are still artists getting work.

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks everyone!!
Sheila, There is room for all of us out there!! We just need to plug in where we can!! I would like to find out more about the animal paintings you do and would like to donate one.. should I go to the local humane society or do you want to send me a photo of one from yours??

Ken, The painting that sold was the last one that I painted.. the Hinds Honey and Almond Creme.. Thanks for the well wishes at the May Show!! And if we lived closer... I'd buy you a coke... but truth be told.. I prefer pepsi!

Jean, I do use an easel... my studio is very small, and the easel and painting take up half of it.. it is sometimes hard for me to back up enough to see if it's working.. but maybe that's why it works for me..

Thanks Deborah,
I am really enjoying working big!! The canvas I am working on next is 48" x 60"! Should be interesting!! :)

L.Holm said...

This is wonderful! Love the abstract quality of the close-up. Congratulations on your galleries! Great news! Liz

Laura said...

This turned out nice!
I thought you may be interested in this art festival.


Edward Burton said...

Congratulations with the galleries, Sally! That is so great!
An absolutely beautiful and amazing job with the Coke bottle.

Marie Fox said...

Wow, Sally, this painting is amazing! Quite abstract and very wonderfully painted. For a time I lived in Oberlin, Ohio, and recall going to Mansfield...for a super fleamarket, as I recall. Thanks for your enthusiastic comment at my site. I'm glad to have discovered your art! Marie

smartsiartsi said...

Love it sally!
Keep it going!!