Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Expired birds..

Last week I found this poor dead bird in the driveway.  We live out in the country and there are tons of these swallows that live in  the neighbors barn during the summer.  They are beautiful to watch and keep the mosquito population in check.  This one must have gotten caught by a car coming down the drive.  I love its colors and shape.  My dear friend Vicky thinks I need to be medicated for painting dead things.  It's not like I kept it or anything.. my husband wouldn't let me.  :)  But I took a ton of reference photos, and not to further scare Vicky, but I loved painting it and am going to do so again.  Soon.

Funeral For A Friend 16" x 20" oil on board

Death at the Doorstep 9" x 12" oil on board


Unknown said...

Beautifully painted but - dead birds. Road kill = intervention.

Sally Tharp said...

Hahaha.. Oh Vicky, I'll let you know if I start painting road kill.. although I did have a professor in college that did... kept them in his freezer.. he was a very interesting guy!! :)