Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wired Artists Show at William Jessup University Library, Rocklin, CA

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to receive a phone call from an artist whose work I had seen online and very much admired.  Frank Ordaz was calling to invite me to a show about artists who have met and interacted via the Internet and social media!  It was such a great idea that I couldn't say no!  I sent two 16" x 20" paintings.  The show is being held at William Jessup University Library 333 Sunset Blvd. Rocklin, CA 95765.  The opening of the show will be April 15th from 5:30 to 7 pm. It runs until May 12 .  The artists' blogs and or Facebook sites will be featured in the show. There will be laptops available so that show viewers can log on to their sites.  How cool is that??  And look at the line up of artists!
Stephen Magsig*Chris Hopkins*Mick McGinty *Denny Holland*Rob Carey*Armand Cabrerra*Debra Pero*Don Hatfield*Janice Skivington*Marc Hanson*Thomas Fluharty*Terry Miura*Michael Dudash*Frank Ordaz*Regis Pattenari*Robert Lemler

Yin and Yang
16" x 20"

Turning a Corner
16" x 20"


MrCachet said...

Will the show have a web presence as well? I'd like to be able to visit each and every one of them, and it seems like it would be a little less cumbersome if I could go to a single site to at least see what the others are doing, and then go to the individual sites.

Sally Tharp said...

I am checking into that and will let you know as soon as I do! It's a great idea! Thanks!

Nick said...

I think that this is a brilliant and original idea to showcase art! Good luck with the show!

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks Nick! I thought it was a great idea as well! All credit goes to Frank Ordaz!!

Sally Tharp said...

Frank Ordaz has posted photos of all the work hanging so you can at least get an idea of everyones work. Hope this helps!