Saturday, March 19, 2011

Show at The Wells Gallery in Charleston, SC

Keli at the Wells Gallery did such a great job of designing the postcard invites for the show in Charleston!  And we are so excited to get down there!  If any of you are in the Charleston area on Friday, April 1, I'd love to meet you! 


Mary said...

Looks like an amazing show!!! Wish I could be there!!! I LOVE the poster!

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks, Mary! I wish you could be there too!! I miss you and hope you are well!

mark bailey said...

The show looks great Sally, wish I could see it in person!


mark bailey said...

...the Ball jars wrapped in material brought to mind these Daniel Adel paintings I also love...really great stuff.

Good job giving life, personality, and story to these still objects.

Sally Tharp said...

Was hoping to meet you!! Hopefully one of these days!!

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks! You don't know how excited I am for the show or how much candy I have eaten before it has even open! Yikes! Thanks for the loves on your blog, can't wait until Friday. -Keli