Friday, July 16, 2010

Studio and Last Man Standing pics

Better late than never!! Here are two pics of the new studio... one from the inside out and the other from the outside in! I love it!! I am still settling in but painting every day too!

I am also posting a painting that I finished last month and never got to post.. with all the moving and chaos. Title "Last Man Standing" (40" x 50"), it is a painting of stacking wooden dolls/toys, these from the 50's, that are called Bill Dings... get it? Buildings?? Even though I never had them as a child, I love them and play with these guys all the time in the studio. They are still made today, but now they look more like clowns and are kinda creepy. I like the round old goofy guys like these!

Have a great weekend!


Deborah Elmquist said...

What a beautiful studio. I think if I had that environment, I would never leave the building.

Sally Ann Baker said...

Lucky you. So much space. Mine is smaller but I just love the sense of peace I get when I open the door and go in.