Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Steppin' Out painting, Elliott Fouts Gallery

I am sorry for not posting more paintings lately! I promise I have been painting like a crazy woman!

I will be able to post a lot of what I've been working on after the show in Columbus on May 14, at the Kathryn Gallery!

I am thrilled to now be a part of the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, CA! I sent five paintings out last week and have heard that one has sold already.. SO exciting to be out there!

And later this month my husband and I will be driving to Charleston, SC to deliver paintings to a new gallery there... more on that later!

Just so you know I've been working.. This is a painting of my sons tux shoes he had for prom last week... they were SO shiny I just couldn't help but paint them!

36" x 48"
Steppin' Out


Kaylyn said...

They have a slightly awkward stance like a boy in a tux!! Perfect. I love how your shoes continue to imply the whole person standing in them.

Gilberto said...

After such a long absence for my part, is very exciting to come to your blog in such a memorable time. I can fill with you the emotions you carry; but you now Sally, is not news for me, because you merit all that and more and I’m sure this is the starting of a glorious time coming. Nice, very nice to be part of this great moment.