Thursday, November 26, 2009

This week has been full of cooking, cleaning and domestic goddess stuff... so I thought I'd post a painting that I finished a few weeks ago as a 50th birthday present for my friend, Mary..
I spent my 21st birthday here 20+ years ago when it was a famous disco.... (it's on 6th Ave. in NYC)... and shortly thereafter Mary and I sat on the sidewalk and drew this same building...when I was there this fall, visiting my daughter, we walked over to see what had become of it.. the man on the street said that now it is used for flea markets an Sundays sometimes... how far it has fallen.. but it was good to remember the fun we had...
The Limelight
16" x 20"


Angela Elledge said...

Your friend will love this special painting and the story along with it is so heartwarming. I especially love the sweep of shadows across the are such a versatile artist!

smartsiartsi said...

I do LOVE IT!! You never cease to amaze me with your paintings...I've already framed it and look at it every day!! Thaks for the amazing gift of friendship and memories!