Sunday, October 11, 2009

All the jars that I have painted up until now were excavated from the old farm dump in the ravine at back of our property. But since I've been painting a lot glass I seem to look at all glass as potential subject matter... so a few weeks ago I went to Mount Vernon.. (to check out the gallery for my next show in December.... it is a brand new gallery in an historic building right downtown, and beautiful!!) .. and found the most wonderful antique/junk store.. 3 stories of foraging pleasure!! And I found SO MUCH glass that I wanted to paint! This painting is of some of the old lab bottles that I found.. I loved all the shapes and sizes and all the lids! I'm planning a couple more paintings along this line and then I'll tell you about all the bottles I bought at the auction last weekend! :) Storage may become an issue!! It's a good thing my husband loves me so much!

"My Head is in the Clouds" 48"x 48"


Vicky said...


Dean H. said...

Hi, Sally...I have just viewed your paintings on this page...every single piece rates a "10"!!

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks Vicky!
Dean.. you are so sweet! Thank you!