Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Gallery in The Vault in Wooster Ohio called yesterday to say that they are in the running for an award from the Cleveland TV station, fox8. If they win, they will be featured on TV and it would be great publicity and bragging rights!! It's a lovely gallery with wonderful people running it and I'd love to see them win! If you get a chance, I would appreciate your help by voting here... Thanks!


Dean H. said...

I hustled over to the Gallery In The Vault link and it looks as if the voting has already closed...Darn!

I had paintings in there from about '01 til around a year ago. I really liked dealing with Judith. The last I heard from them was when they suffered some water damage. I haven't contacted them because of health problems.

Sally Tharp said...

Thanks for trying Dean! I guess they will know this week! I have several small paintings there... I just really like the people and I think it's a very nice gallery! I hope they win!